Lush Dawn Candle - Large

Lush Dawn Candle - Large

Lush Dawn is a warm, sweet and slightly spicy scent. It works its way through the air slowly to scent your space, just like waking up without an alarm on a Sunday.
All of our large candles come in amber glass jars with wooden lids and are packaged in a kraft box for added protection. 
This candle has been tested in a medium sized room with good ventilation and the scent throw for this particular product is strong.

    Burn time: approx 48 hours

    Size: 85mm dia. x 100mm high

    Please read our Candle Care tips to ensure you get the best burn from your candle. 

    When burning your candle always ensure the jar is on a heat proof surface and make sure it is kept away from draughts, pets and children. Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time. After burning, lightly snuff out your candle and allow wax to set before moving as the glass will be hot. 


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